About Us

Exodus Global Alliance is a Christian ministry serving people who are impacted by homosexuality - people who experience same-sex attractions, lesbian, gay bisexual & transgender people, people with questions about their sexuality or questions about Christianity, families who have a loved one who is gay, and people who have a friend or co-worker who is gay.

If you are any one of these, Exodus Global Alliance will share the love and transforming power of Jesus Christ with you. He intends for you to have hope and a future that comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  

In addition Exodus Global Alliance is a ministry that serves the church. The Body of Christ provides the context where God transforms people, and healing and wholeness are lived out. We seek to equip churches in their ministry of evangelism, discipleship and restoring wholeness to men and women who desire to live in integrity with Christ. We assist church leaders in dealing pastorally with issues related to homosexuality and leading the local church in fulfilling its role in the redemptive and healing process.

We have three missions:

  1. To proclaim that faith in Christ and a transformed life is possible through the power of Jesus Christ for people with same-sex attractions and people involved in homosexuality.
  2. To equip Christians and churches to uphold the Biblical view of sexuality while responding with compassion and grace to people impacted by homosexuality.
  3. To serve people impacted by homosexuality through Christian fellowship and discipleship.

We were started by LGB people and people who want to see sexual minorities encounter Christ and grow in Christ-centered discipleship.

God called us to minister His grace and truth to others who experience same-sex attractions or are in same-sex relationships. Our desire is to bring God's truth and grace to the complicated issues of sexual and relational brokenness with a special focus on homosexuality. Our focus is on developing a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. God uses Jesus Christ and His church to transform men and women from brokenness to wholeness, isolation to community, empty intensity to authentic intimacy, lust to love, idolatry to true worship. He restores men and women to become His image-bearers on the earth.

We hope that you will experience the love and life of Jesus Christ through our ministry.