A 2012 Forum poll reported that over 70% of Canadians know someone who is LGBT and over 25% have someone in their family who is LGBT. Think what this means for our churches.

God’s heart for the Church concerning homosexuality is that the Church recognize and compassionately respond to people's need for love, acceptance and affirmation without compromising the truth that sets people free. The Body of Christ provides the context where healing and wholeness are formed in Christ and lived out. We love the life-giving message of the power of Christ to transform people within the body of Christ!

Unique demands arise for pastors, counselors, and other Christian lay-leaders when it comes to helping people with same-sex attraction issues, sexual brokenness or sexual sin. We seek to equip churches to proclaim a redemptive message of restoration to the church and community, and minister God's truth and grace to its members who are impacted by homosexuality. We seek to come along side and equip the local church in fulfilling its role in the redemptive and healing process.

We offer consultation & equipping; speaking or teaching in church services, workshops, day-long seminars, and individual consultations, on issues pertaining to sexuality and relational wholeness. Our desire is to equip and support so that churches and Christian organizations will become known as loving, supportive, and transformational communities of faith for those of us who come to Christ struggling with sin, sickness, desperately in need of wholeness.

If you have a desire to help relationally and sexually broken people, we want to help you grapple with these issues and equip your leadership team and others in your care to offer a relevant, compassionate, hope-filled process of life-change to the vast number of people experiencing relational or sexual brokenness.

Our help is offered for free.

Contact us to discuss how we can help equip your church.