equipping people and churches for ministry

God has called churches to be communities of faith that offer relevant, compassionate, hope-filled life to everyone in the church. Knowing how to navigate the current climate surrounding the same-sex attraction conversation can be daunting. How do we convey what Scripture teaches in a way our culture can hear? How do we speak Biblically about the issue in our neighbourhoods, workplaces and families? How do we journey with loved-ones who are same-sex attracted?

Our desire is to support and equip churches and Christian ministries so they will be loving, supportive, and transformational communities of faith for all of us who come to Christ in sin and brokenness, desperately in need of wholeness.

If you are a pastor or a ministry leader with a desire to help relationally and sexually broken people, we want to help you grapple with these issues and equip your church or ministry team to minister the truth and grace of Jesus Christ to the people that you serve. We love the life-giving message of the power of Christ to change and transform!

If you are a Christian who wants to be equipped for ministry or wants to join us in ministry, we want to equip you to minister God's truth and grace. We are looking for Christians who want to be ministry partners. Given our 3 missions, being a ministry partner can happen in various ways - sharing your testimony, being a church contact, participating in ministry.

God has called us to work together as individuals, churches and Christian organizations who are or want to become safe communities of faith that promote transformation and life-change for those dealing with relational and sexual brokenness.

Contact us to discuss the ways that we can work with you to equip you to minister the truth and grace of Jesus. Click here to use this website to contact us: