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Some of the videos are from Sy Rogers. Sy Rogers speaks about Christian faith, sexual and relational issues, often using examples from his personal experience.  

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Some of the videos are from Christopher Yuan and his parents. Christopher Yuan speaks about his experience of embracing homosexuality and then discovering the possibility of a relationship with Jesus Christ. His relationship with Jesus brought redemption and inspiration. His parents speak about their experience as parents of a gay son who first discover God was reaching out to them and then that He was also reaching out to their son.

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Over 100 videos addressing God's truth and grace, applied to our sexuality.

Since the early 1990s Christians all over the world have been singing the songs of modern-day psalmist, Dennis Jernigan.  His music and ministry, sparked by his lifelong struggle with homosexuality and the healing that came through his relationship with Jesus Christ, have led him on a remarkable journey of redemption.  Now he shares his unbelievable story so that all may have a deeper understanding of God's love.

This is a film about worship, identity, and the transformative power of the Gospel.  By telling his story, Jernigan puts forth an example of what God can do in the lives of those who put their trust in Him.  Nothing is impossible with God, and He wants to bring healing and freedom to all. Many people let their temptations define who they are, but true identity can only be found in the one who created us.