The Change God Wants

Scripture says that change is an essential part of Christian faith. OK, what is the change that God want from us?

Some people, when using the word change in the context of same sex attraction and practices, refer to change of sexual attractions and behavior - the focus being placed on the change of one’s sexual behavior through effort on their part.

God has a much bigger change in mind. God says that He changes sinners into saints in order that He can become one with them. This can only be done through the complete work of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. In order to make us His dwelling place, God had to literally recreate us in such a way that we would have the same nature He has, so that He could pour Himself into us, becoming one with us, so that we might grow, become spiritually mature, and get to know Him completely.

How does He do that?

Through Jesus’ death and resurrection. Jesus’ blood provides forgiveness, which is absolutely essential for us to be made right with God, for our sins separated us from God. However, we need more than the forgiveness of sin to be right with God. We must have life! And the life we need is provided by the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ! It is through our identification - becoming one with Christ - that the great exchange takes place - our sin for his righteousness - and whereby we receive His very LIFE as our life. And along with life comes a new identity: saints, beloved children of God, having His very nature. In Christ we have the same nature He has - no longer sinners, but saints.

How does God reconcile us to Himself? He identifies us with Jesus on the cross, makes us one with Jesus and by doing so, buries forever our old sinful nature, and turns us into saints by giving us His very own nature. And then receives us as His beloved sons and daughters, because now we have Jesus as our life, as our spiritual DNA. With the new birth, this new identity of beloved children is given to us - not as a result of any change of behavior or performance on our part - but as a result of Jesus’ perfect performance on our behalf.

In other words, God does not demand that we change our behavior – He changes our nature, our identity, by giving us His very nature and identity!