Transformation is such an integral part of Christian life that Scriptures describe Christian life as being born again, becoming a new creation and changing from being dead to alive. We believe the primary goal God has for believers, including those with same-sex attractions, is to have an intimate relationship with Christ and develop a capacity for living with integrity in Christ. In other words, the transformation God wants in believers who experience same-sex attractions is Spirit-empowered living.

Spirit-empowered living comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The healing and transformation that Christ leads people into brings a growing capacity to turn away from temptations, embrace one’s identity in Jesus Christ, and be transformed into His image. Because this comes from God, asserting that change is possible is simply being true to Jesus as we mature into what it means to be ‘new creations’. We love the life-giving message of the power of Christ to change and transform! 

Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ does not mean our experiences with relational or sexual brokenness simply disappear. Nor does it mean same-sex attractions simply disappear. But Spirit-empowered living does mean that God leads us through a number of changes in our lives. Most transformation occurs within a process that requires time, healthy relationships, regular participation in a local church and co-operation with God in His transformation process.

We want to encourage you in your process of becoming whole in Christ. If you live in or near Toronto, we can meet with you at our office or a mutually agreed upon church or coffee shop. If you live farther away, we make use of Skype and email to offer Christian fellowship and discipleship. We offer these for free. 

We would like to help you connect with a church. If you are already in a church, perhaps we can support you in developing your relationship with your church.

And we want to connect you with Christian resources that might be of support and encouragement. We've put some of these on our website, including testimonies and articles.